Why Pave

Cross border and international home purchasing is difficult even for seasoned investors. Committing to a property and then realising something else is more suitable, hidden costs, opaque processes and nasty surprises are common place and completely avoidable. Co-ordination between various parties such as agents, lawyers, property managers, tradies and tenants is disjointed and cumbersome.

How does Pave help?

We are a professional assisted web platform for buyers of overseas properties to find, select, transact and manage their real estate.

We work to understand our buyers objectives and match with properties we either have in our inventory or source for those we don’t.

Know up front all the steps and costs involved with buying and managing a property. Tailored to each buyer’s unique profile.

Easy to follow online steps guiding the buyer through all the obligations and considerations involved.

Who do we work with?


First time or seasoned investors looking to generate stable yields in a low interest rate environment as well as potential for capital appreciation.

Lifestyle Seekers

Be it a piece of an island paradise, an apartment in a cultural centre or something up a ski mountain, these are just some of the lifestyle ambitions we work with our clients to solve.

University Accomodations

Finding and managing something conveniently located to the world’s top colleges and universities.


Australia and Thailand are just some of the countries offering residential visas in return for qualifying property investments.